Friday, July 20, 2007

Hypocrite Of The Year Award

On whose blog would you find a statement from its publisher like this:

I think, OVIT, you are confused with one person being banned from this website for attempting to export the personally offensive material and language so frequently found on his own...

Whilst allowing a comment on the very same post like this:

As he was awaiting his fry up ... an untaxed wreck of a Tranny pickup pulled up and some Gippos came in to collect old catering range etc ... to take as scrap metal. My mate watched the Dept of Environment inspectors slink off out the way until the gippos had driven off in their untaxed (probably uninsured unroadworthy) truck. And YES ... the gippos were smoking !!!!!

I'll give you a clue. He's a councillor. And, er, he's not Labour.


legal eagle said...

The Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 clearly states that a councillor:

must treat others with respect.

This applies not only when a councillor is acting directly on behalf of the council, but also when he/she:

claims to act or gives the impression (he/she is) acting as a representative of (his/her) authority, and references to (his/her) official capacity are construed accordingly.

As the blurb at the top of Thanet Life clearly states:

Thanet stories, humour, ideas, photos, politics, opinions, links and news, from Westgate Councillor Simon Moores

I think it would be reasonable to conclude that the above applies and that, as the publisher of the offensive material on a blog that references his official capacity as a councillor, he should be referred to the Standards Board.

Anonymous said...

you can be sure he will produce some meely mouth excuses for allowing this trash on his site
ie: freedom of speech, not my opinion ect.ect

symtomatic of all bullies and hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely No 1 for the hypocrite of the year award.

As a victim of 'Lord Simes' & his 'Cronies' on 'Pond Life', venting their spleens with childish remarks, I feel well qualified to recommend him for this award.

And given his level of hypocrisy on planning matters, he should also qualify for 'Nimby' of the year.

He & his 'Cronies' seem to believe that attack is their best form of defence when cornered, a bit like rats.

An avid admirer of 'Airads'???

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of the men, described as a "Gippo", is the phantom urinator of Augusta Road with a decrepid vehicle ... as described on your site ?

Anonymous said...

It could be that Doctor Moores' commentator was attempting to supply a description rather than intending a rascist slur?