Friday, July 06, 2007

Pedestrian Idea For Margate

Reader Marky-Warky, aka Thanet's Greatest Living Rocker, Mark Hewins, has sent in this plan for the Arsonists' Playground.

His proposal includes gardens for the Dreamland site, and the complete pedestrianisation of Margate front. Now I'm not a town planner, but looking at the scheme, and the current state of Margate, the words 'nail' and 'coffin' immediately spring to mind. Still, I promised him I'd let you all take a look and decide for yourselves.

Interestingly, Mark designed his scheme using the Margate Town Regeneration Company (aka Waterbridge, aka J Godden Esq (40%)) 'Create Your Town' feature. This facility lets you draw up your own plans for the Dreamland site and then email them to Waterbridge. Oh, except the email bit doesn't actually work. And it won't let you demolish Arlington House, or the Dreamland Cinema. Although you can, rather surprisingly, burn down the listed rollercoaster, should you be so minded.

Although I'm not convinced about Mark's urban regeneration skills (sorry Mark!), he does play a mean slide guitar. Get an earful of this:

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Mark - I couldn't get the computer programme to work either.