Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cycle Of Ignorance

Yet again the best bit of Kent gets a bum deal, with this weekend's Tour de France going no further east than Canterbury. Full marks, though, to one of our local estate agents who, with a delicious sense of irony, has commissioned our Doctor/Councillor from Westgate to tug a banner behind his teeny-tiny plane telling spectators to 'Go 2 Ramsgate'.

And just so that nobody can accuse me of not doing my bit, I've asked some of my god-fearing friends in the Canterbury area to rally to the cause!

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Tee Hee Lawrence said...

"""____ _
|__\_\_o,___/ \
| o'

Teeny-tiny plane Lucy, like it?

I suppose its a better message than the much awaited (whatever happened to?) Margate Exodus!