Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What A Load Of Cods!

Trawling through the latest edition of Fish Update just now (way too much time on my hands), I noticed that one of our local Barnacle Bills has been fined for having too small holes in his cod net.

Sea fisheries officers from the RN Fishery Protection vessel HMS Tyne boarded the Sarah Louisa, owned by one David Turner, 45, of Herne Bay, in January six miles east of his Ramsgate base, and discovered that his mesh was smaller than the minimum 140mm. He's subsequently been fined £3,400.

Now as you know, I rarely venture into the world of politics unless it's to mock the afflicted. But it strikes me that if successive governments hadn't flogged our fish stocks off to the Spanish and Russkies, courtesy of the EU, this poor sod wouldn't have found himself in these sorry circumstances, yet alone have to worry about a few millimetres here or there in his mesh ('twould still have been inches, surely?). And we wouldn't be having to nosh saithe, either. Whatever the hell that is.

Bring back the Cod War, that's what I say!

Full story.

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Little Weed said...

I should be weeding but you made me look up a silly article and then get my ruler out to see how big 8mm is. What a waste of time!