Thursday, July 19, 2007

Local Customs

All the nice girls love a sailor. Or in this case an HM Customs and Revenue officer, but that's a bit prosaic. This is HMCC Valiant, and we'll be getting used to the cut of her jib here in the Millionaires' Playground, as she seems to now have a permanent berth in the Royal Harbour. Here's what they say about her on one of those websites for nautical anoraks:

Special care has been taken to provide a high standard of living accommodation for the crew during operations. Low noise levels and a relaxation area for those off-watch reduces crew fatigue. The large, well-equipped galley is designed to enable the crew to prepare meals and drinks in all sea conditions.

Cruisey! Assuming she can actually get out of the harbour at low tide, that is, seeing as half the entrance now appears to have sprouted a new beach.

As I rather nosily peeked through the windows, I caught one of those bell-bottomed types peering back at me through an enormous pair of binocs. Maybe I should speak to my accountant about getting those tax returns up to date!


Anonymous said...

Good to see the Govt is spending money wisely, along with the Fisheries boats, Cctv cameras,Ramsgate Harbour must be one of the most policed in the world.

Anonymous said...

On Broadstairs Sea Sunday the bit at the front that looks like a gun is actually a water cannon. Maybe the budget didn't streach to the real thing or was a Health and Safety issue?

Eastcliff Richard said...

HMC&R kitted out with water pistols! Blimey, that'll get the drugs barons worried!