Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ramsgate's Big Weekend

The Millionaires' Playground is the place to be this weekend! This evening sees the Summer Fiesta at our out-of-this-world East Cliff Bandstand, featuring the St Peter's Stage Band, Vocal Expressions a la Mode, and The Grumpy Gypsy (courtesy of Councillor/Doctor Doctor/Councillor Simon Moores).

And tomorrow we're holding our rip-snorting carnival, with scantily clad luvvlies parading up and down the front dressed in only the skimpiest of sequin-spangled bathing suits. Or am I getting confused with that dream I had last week? New attractions for this year's carnival are:

The Mayor Hair Bunch: Our bouffoned tonseuristas will be handing out free mayor-alike candy floss to the kiddies.

Turn The Councillor Blue: Councillor Mike Taylor, who was recently elected our first and only Ramsgate First representative, but then discovered he had 'always been a Conservative at heart', has sportingly agreed to be paraded around town on the back of a truck and pelted with rotten plums.

Guess The Weight: Plucky Thanet Council officers have volunteered to stand on the rotting Albion House balcony. All you have to do is guess how many it'll take before it collapses!

The weather, however, may not entirely play ball, with the East Cliff bash looking like fun in the sun, while the carnival might end up being a pain in the rain. If only people didn't jet off to sunnier parts and leave our traditional resorts to suffer the climate consequences, we might get our summer back!


Michael Child said...

A few pictures of the Ramsgate Carnival at
I will endeavour to go through eventually and remove the worst of them at the moment they are just as they came out the camera.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks Michael. BTW, any good pics of carnivals in years gone by in your extensive archives?

Anonymous said...


Its Walter here your long lost pal (sorry about the Hamsters)

Will lend some old footage of the 1969 carnival to MC perhaps you could then put it on your splendid TV channel tat ta for now.


Eastcliff Richard said...

That would be excellent Walter.

Michael Child said...

Walter Richard and anyone else I have considerable difficulty finding post war pictures of Ramsgate where I can track down the photographer and get permission to use them, both to publish on the web and use in paper publications.

I would particularly like to publish a book of pictures of Ramsgate in the 50s 60s and 70s the normal arrangement here being the copyright holder receives a ten percent royalty on the cover price of the books printed.

Anyway for your amusement some pictures from Morris Crow whose Father Cyril George Crow was the driver for Mr Redbourn owner of taxis and coaches, councillor Kirby tells me that he is not related to the minstrel A Kirby as unfortunately his family didn’t move to Ramsgate until later. Well here’s the url