Monday, July 16, 2007

Painting The Town White

As we all know, Ramsgate is on the up and up. Not only is the trendy East Cliff's Granville Cine-theatre-ma getting a long overdue lick of paint, but this, erm, hut opposite our imposing railway station is also receiving the millionaire treatment.

One of our local bear hench bigwigs told me over a beverage the other evening that those nice people at Pierremont Cars have bought the place and are planning to run a swish car hire centre from it. Bentleys and Mercs only, one presumes. And so handily positioned for all those City types alighting from the futuristic fast train service!

Actually, I think it's a charming piece of art deco architecture which has been neglected for too long. Did you know it used to be the Ramsgate tourist information bureau? Yes, you probably did. And I think I know a bibliophile who might have a photo of it from its heyday. Michael, a link please!


Snailspace said...

Lets hope the local brain dead fraternity don't see it a blank wall for their mindless scrawl

Adem said...

I went to the Granville last night to watch the testosterone-fueled Die Hard 4.0 and got a chance to see the paintwork.

They've missed a few bits and gone over the lines but it still makes it look a lot better.

I also noticed that they've implemented a new ticketing system and entered the 21st Century (ticketing system provided by Nortech Software.

The only downside is that ticket prices have gone up, but they are still quite cheap compared to other mulitplex cinemas.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Pierremont. I always got good service from their van and car hire. Old Spainy was good too.