Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tourists Flock To TV Isle

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Travel Editor Honor Freebie

It's official! The Isle of Thanet has become TV adland's top destination! And now tourists are flocking to admire the Isle's natural and man-made wonders, seen by millions in hit commercials like (fill in hit commercials here - Ed.)

Here are some of the top attractions they're raving about:

Mount Emin - at 80 feet, Mount Emin is the highest point in Thanet.
The Pleasurama Tundra - miles of deserted wasteland, home to a huge variety of wild animals (rabies vaccination advisable).
The Great Temporary Fence of Ramsgate - The only man-made structure which can be seen from outer space.
Westworld Cross - Hours of fun for all the family in Thanet's answer to Disneyland's car park.
Turner's Hole - stand on the very spot where the famous artist once stood (pay and display)
Luxury Apartment World - tickets start at a reasonable £189,000.
Madeira Falls Log Flume - foamy fun for all the family!
Madeira Falls: Foamtastic!


Lucy Mail said...

So long as they flock off again when they've seen it!

Millicent said...

Why not include the site of the former Motor Museum, the site of the former Model Village and the disintegrating balcony of Albion House that Princess Victoria once looked out from?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good idea Millie!

And Lucy, how timely that Madeira Falls should froth up on your return! Ah, foam sweet foam!

Lucy Mail said...

Foam is where the heart is!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Yellow River - that terrific stream of piss that Latvian bloke emits up against any convenient wall just before he gets in or just after he gets out of his clapped out dark blue VW Polo round the back of Augusta Road.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his toilet is broken?