Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Back!

No, not me. I'm on a break. I mean the funfair on the Pleasurama eyesore. Just spotted them setting up.

I don't know, first they were on, then they were off. Then they were on again. Then off. Now it looks like they're on. Again. Bit like the EDF leccy supply round here, I suppose!


ZumiWeb said...

I did see a couple of showmen's living vans being towed past the Churchill yesterday evening, so I was hoping... Let's hope they're still here tomorrow!

ZumiWeb said...

A picture is worth a thousand words: Here's the evidence

Look at the horrible boards said...

The funfair is back the owners tell me until the end of August the owners also tell me that they are receiving an enthusiastic welcome from local people and help with promoting the fair from the surrounding businesses.

Unfortunately at the moment all is not well the fair owners tell me that council officers are making things difficult for them the two maters giving them the most concern are.

1 The extra surfacing that TDC had apparently promised for the site hasn’t been done, the fair owners tell me that the they have had some of it done at their own expense in order to get started.

2 Council officers have refused to remove the rest of the hideous fragmented, damaged fencing with its paint peeling off, furthermore when the fair owners asked if they could remove it themselves and stack it at the back of the site they were told that they couldn’t.

I would like to point out that after all these years with Ramsgate’s leisure facilities diminishing the council ought to actively welcoming and supporting any efforts to reverse this trend.

I have published some photos of the situation today 1.08.2007 at http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/boards/ which I hope emphasise my point I am also of course writing to councillors and council officials and so on.

Michael Child

Cllr David Green said...

Having investigated, I'm told by Council officers that the surfacing and fence problems have been dealt with and that they and the fair owners are in communication.
It face been suggested that the remaining fencing could be "decorated", but I think it is probably too late to organise that now. Would have been a nice touch, but with schools on holday ect probably too difficult to organise.

Michael Child said...

David the fencing a mixture of broken and damaged wood and wire is absolutely hideous it is obvious that what remains of it will have to be replaced to withstand the winter storms. It is also obvious that it is totally unnecessary for us to pay for maintain a fence round the site when there is pretty much always an opening in it, until there is something there to protect.

The fair operators want the fence removed and are happy to remove it themselves if necessary.

I spoke to the fair operators yesterday evening and they are most unhappy about having this hideous dangerous unnecessary fence between them and their customers.

Please continue to try and get it removed quickly or get TDC to let the operators remove it.

disgusted of augusta said...

They can come and put the boards up around the back of Granville Court where the developers have neglected to replace the boundary fence of their building site which blew down in February leaving easy access to gaping 12 foot excavations and building rubble and encouraging fly tipping including hazardous rubbish, old toilets etc. It's an utter disgrace.