Sunday, July 08, 2007


How marvellous to see the Millionaires' Playground thronging with, er, millionaires this weekend. And with all the fun of the fair back on the Pleasurama eyesore, Ramsgate is nothing short of smashing.

However, as you know, I've never been one to quibble, but I have noticed one small side-effect of clearing the site. My cliff top mansion now seems to be infested with a myriad of small spiders, ladybirds, and a zillion other examples of creepy-crawly.

I suppose bulldozing ten years of tundra was bound to bring a few things out of the woodwork, although clearly it wasn't enough to tempt Pleasurama's former owner to put in an appearance.


Nethercourt said...

Those mini spiders are everywhere... they appear to be floating in on lengths of web and boy don't they tickle!!! Wonder if it's another of those 'Frenchie' plots to drive us all potty. Did anyone search those Tour-de-France jonnies???

Eastcliff Richard said...

You may be onto something there Nethers!

ZumiWeb said...

The sight of the powerboats was only overshadowed by the crowd all waving, swatting and brushing the little beasties away. I was still finding them in my hair an hour after getting home. The occasional ladybird was light relief compared to the gazillions of spiders that appeared out of thin air every five seconds. Still, a good downpour should wash them out of the sky, shouldn't it?

Lucy Mail said...

I'm sure it couldn't possibly have been that blast of warm weather that brought them out. Too ridiculous for words!
I can't help wondering if they're not forming some kind of collective intelligence and are only attacking when people herd. Rich pickings, worthy of an all-out military assault.