Friday, August 03, 2007

Live From Margate!

Yes, I'm still on holiday. But I couldn't resist commenting on the fact that Bev and Geoff from BBC South East Today have struggled all the way over from Tunbridge Wells to present their teeny-tiny news from the Arsonists' Playground today. You've got to admire their, er, neck.

Don't expect any hard-hitting journalism, though (as if). Embarrassing questions about Turnips, The Theatre Royal, Dreamland, etc. are off the agenda, I hear, as part of a contradeal not to mention diddling Blue Peter viewers, upsetting the Queen, and that nastiness yesterday at Maidstone Crown Court. Instead we'll be treated to the usual spin about 'turning the corner' and, um, fish and chips.

Who knows, maybe I'll wander over there with my 'Ramsgate's Miles Better' banner!

Meanwhile I see from today's Gazunder that the council's newly inserted artistic director at the Theatre Royal is to put on his own adaption of Homer's Odyssey as part of an exciting new autumn programme. Crikey, that should get the Margate punters flocking. Although to give him credit, it could just be that he's jumping on the Simpsons bandwagon.


Need convincing said...

I doubt if most people of Margate have even heard of Homer's Odyssey but I might be wrong

Anonymous said...

It was his best-selling sequel to the Iliad.

Anonymous said...

I bet 'Biggles' has got a bigger banner than yours.

Also his ego is bigger than yours.

The only thing bigger than his ego is his carbon footprint.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yep, I think you're right there. I'm smaller than him in pretty much every department.

need convincing said...

Yes anonymous i know that as I had to study both at school! But I
think it is probably an irrelevance to most of the people who live in Thanet these days.

As to the size of Biggles' bits and pieces -How do you know ECR ? His ego is definitely bigger than yours!!!!!

Actually Biggles was featured in the BBC programme flying overhead with some sickly sweet greeting - the things some people will do to get noticed!

Anonymous said...

I saw that. Was he paid to fly over by the council?