Friday, October 31, 2008


Reader Steve from Ramsgate's swinging East Cliff writes:

Did any of your readers take a photo of that amazing waterspout/tornado thing that nearly sucked up the odd light aircraft on its way into Manston today? It looked quite close to the harbour and nearly caused a few car accidents as everybody was looking at the sky rather than the road! Or it may have just been me looking at the twister and everybody else trying to avoid me but hey ho.

Well, did anyone out there manage to snap it? If so, do send me a copy and I'll pop it on the blog for all to see. My email address, as ever, is in the top right hand corner.


Anonymous said...

Yep there were 4 of them in all! very nice. :)
Pictures on link below but the one earlier sucking up water is not in the picture! sigh..

Mr_ridiculous_gizzard said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, weather!

Anonymous said...

was working at the port when that happened, they seemed soo close was amaizing! :)