Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wind Farm In The Doldrums

I'm getting reports here in the big ECR newsroom suggesting that Thanet Offshore Wind, the company that's building the smaller of the two fart farms proposed in these parts, is putting everything on hold due to the credit crunch.

Just three weeks ago the Uranians trumpeted 'dozens of jobs' after TOW signed a lease on land and buildings in our lovely port here in the Millionaires' Playground. So far one job has been created. Now it seems the winds of change have blown a cold blast over the project's backers and frozen their assets!

Click here to read last month's story in Thanet Extra

Update: One bit of good news, though. I see Thanet Earth is recruiting! Click here to go to their website.


Anonymous said...

I believe Dunkirk offered a much better deal than Port Ramsgate!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago they managed to grid-lock Thanet by putting up traffic lights by Richborough. KCC came down and told them to take the lights away and they haven't re-appeared since.

The work they were planning to do was to run a cable all the way along the main road to Cliffsend before cutting across the fields to Pegwell. The cable is to bring ashore the electricity from the wind-farm to the new sub-station at Richborough. Apparently, KCC had authorized this work, but, in their ignorance and stupidity, hadn't realized that it would paralyze East Kent.

Why (you ask) can't they lay the damned cable over the road into the Stour and from there out across Pegwell Bay? I think someone from KCC should explain this. If they go ahead with plans to dig up the main Sandwich Road we will face 6 months of chaos.

Anonymous said...


I can answer this as KCC told them they could not, as they wanted the nature reserve built on a dodgy borough council tip to be safeguarded which had the support of Unnatural England.

As for total jobs 40 and that's it allegedly. 20 at the power station site and 20 seagoing and shore-side which i would have thought would have been a rota system. Oh how this supine local authority continues to just roll over.

I just love imagining that Python sketch about spam but just insert the mantra Jobs, Jobs , Jobs.

Anonymous said...

I live over the north side and drive to Dover where I work. Road links from here to Richborough are bad enough as I have to go round the airport, once at Richborough then its fairly congested until out past Worth. The roadworks were a total nightmare. I went out instead via Wingham, a friend of mine in Ramsgate drove back there via Wingham and doubled back down to avoid the congestion.