Saturday, October 04, 2008

Spend One's Sovs

The 'feeble and pathetic team' (see comment on post below) are firing on all one cylinder here at the old cliff top mansion!

With the RNLI launching their SOS fundraising initiative this week, and with their lifeboat moneybox rapidly disappearing under a freak wave of Haribo and other sticky crap down at the local Costcutter, the 'team' have come up with a plan to help keep them, er, afloat. I've popped another of my 7 day polls in the sidebar on the right, but this time, for every vote in the appropriate box, I'll donate 25p of my hard-earned to the brave chaps in the orange and blue duck.

So whaddya waiting for? Get clicking!

Click here to read more about the RNLI SOS Day or donate direct


Anonymous said...

No one could accuse you of being mean ECR - nice gesture

Anonymous said...

Geepers - you were quick of the mark with that one. I was still trying to think of something logical... my hat is (for a second) off to you sir.

Anonymous said...

It is those who criticise you who are feeble and pathetic - haven't they got anything better to do? At least you get results.

Anonymous said...

flipping 'eck well done you :)

I'm now resisting the temptation to reset my router and vote again :o