Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ball Jugglers Wanted In Westgate

Kevin Crace, Saviour of the Westgate Shed, er, Pavilion has asked me to put out the following appeal:

When I took over the Westgate Pavilion last week there was an amount of money that had been collected for a disabled access by the former charity from public donation, totalling roughly £1,300. As I’m now a limited company and paying for the disabled access personally I feel that it would be wrong for me to accept these funds.

Looking for a worthwhile benefactor for the money we came across a Kent based Children’s hospice called Demelza House Children’s Hospice. They certainly look like a great charity who could do with some good funds for the children leading up to Christmas. So, we have now taken this one step further and here’s where I need your help.

On Friday November 7th we propose to hold a charity party in aid of the hospice to raise as much cash as we can and to add it to the £1,300 and to give it to the kids in time for Christmas. The Charity party will be free entry, with a voluntary donation. We have a great local party band
- One For The Road - playing free of charge to entertain the guests, plus DJ’s and a whole evening of quality entertainment. We’ll provide a free buffet and we aim to raise additional funds via a raffle etc.

I now need assistance from people who can provide any of the following for us. To welcome guests in our grounds: fire-eater, string quartet, street magicians/jugglers etc

We also need to know if any businesses could provide donations for the raffle prizes. We’d also like to see if any local businesses could provide any toys, new please, so we can also send these across to the children in time for Christmas. These can be collected by us, or dropped to the Pavilion on Sea Road, Westgate.

I know the economic climate is tough for all of us, but with the money that presently sits with us, and any additional money we can raise on the night, we Thanetians can really do some good here in time for Christmas for the kids.

Could you also PLEASE ask all your readers to include it on their blogs too, so we can virally evolve this project. Thanks Richard, we could really make a good difference here for the kids.

Happy to oblige, Kevin! If you've got talent or prezzies to donate, email our Kev at:

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