Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reports Of 'Riot' In Augusta Road Exaggerated

The Politburo wishes to assure comrades that reports tonight of a 'drug' and 'drink' fuelled 'riot' in Augusta Road Ramsgate have been exaggerated by decadent subversives.

The Politburo can confirm that State Police attended a major disturbance in the road, but have since calmed the situation down.

Update: The Isle of Thanet Gazette has now reported (offline) that a fight broke out following a party, with more than 40 youths involved in the street disturbance. A woman was taken to hospital and a man arrested on suspicion of assault and possession of drugs. Thanet Council were called the following morning to wash the blood off the pavement. Police are now gathering evidence with a view to imposing a dispersal order in the area.