Friday, October 17, 2008

Ramsgate On The Up

Erm... here goes... Ahem! It's been pointed out to me by my majority shareholder, the Cecil Square Politburo, that I've been a bit, um, negative about the island over the past week. So to redress the balance I've been trawling the papers to find some good news. Et voila! An item about those nice chaps at the Royal Harbour Hotel that was published in the London Evening Standard a couple of weeks ago. The article begins:

There is probably nowhere more agreeable to spend a lazy hour in the south of England than on the balcony of the Royal Harbour Hotel Ramsgate. You look down on the pretty, 18th-century harbour, you watch the departure of the ferry (leaving for Ostend) from the port. With the Sunday papers and a coffee, life holds little better, providing the sun is out.

The piece then motors on for another thousand words or so, waxing lyrical about roaring fires (no mention of roaring, knackered old jumbos), old knick-knacks, verandahs and parapets ect ect. Casting the old mincers over the by-line, I see it was penned by none other than Country Life's Editor-at-Large Clive Aslet, who, the last time I looked, actually had a pied-a-terre here in the Millionaires' Playground, and who was responsible for positioning Ramsgate in Country Life's top five property hotspots of 2006, providing the inspiration, in the process, for this very blog! Good on yer Clive!

Click here to download Evening Standard article from the Royal Harbour website where they're also congratulating RAFLKRMIA on the publication of their Daft Bastard Plan last week, I mean they must be bonkers, do they really want their guests to wake up with a pounding headache in the middle of the night or have their 'Sunday papers and coffee' ruined by the windows rattling every ten minutes I mean

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Anonymous said...

Yes agree-some friends stayed at the royal harbour hotel in nelson crescent and said it was fabulous and the people were soo friendly,food delicious with fantastic views-well done them!

Anonymous said...

Well these people may want to spoil the ambience

There is a new group called "Sweeney"

Who purport to be moody and meanie

They promise to slap

Some Royal Harbour chap

But stay home and just slap their weenie ?

Anonymous said...

Rick you're barred.

Lucy Mail said...

Maybe (P)rick and the tweenies could get together and crap out a blog that takes 'obnoxious' to an entirely new level?