Monday, October 06, 2008

Before They Were Famous 3

Before I lay the old noddle on the Cumfilux Hungarian goose down pillow, I suppose I have to put you out of your misery and reveal that my second famous Thanetian (see post below) was none other than Ramsgate's campaigning biblio-bloke Michael Child. Although most of you seem to have got there under your own steam. I expect it was the shirt that gave it away. Sweet dreams!


Lucy Mail said...

Who, ironically, looks like an ageing lesbian in that picture. Shame he's not a celeb.
Mind you, that could be just what I'm looking for in a man!

Lucy Mail said...

You're quite welcome, Michael!
Sheesh, some people just can't take a compliment.
Do watch out for someone trying to pay for a book with their cleavage, today. I feel a Mills & Boon purchase coming on.