Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting All Theatrical

Dear Richard,

I was happily reading your blog this morning, which, I must say, is generally very informed and witty, when I came across both good and bad.....

Firstly, many thanks for mentioning Pierremont Pharmacy's flu' clinic in such detail - we are a local business, set up by two ex-Chatham House boys, and are battling it out with the superpowers of Boots, Superdrug, Paydens and the supermarkets in Broadstairs High Street.

We seem to be going from strength to strength, and have recently been recognised as the leading clinical pharmacy in the country, winning both the "C+D Platinum Design Award" for Service Innovation, and "Clinical Service of the Year" in the C+D Awards 2008, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London in June.

On the other hand, one of my other ventures, the Granville Theatre in Ramsgate, was not mentioned in such glowing terms....

To describe the "culture" as a "rolling programme of psychic nights and amdram productions" does little to justify the nearly two years of hard work that my team and I have put in, with no prospect of profit, to try and reinvigorate live entertainment in Ramsgate. In trying financial times, and with the development of a multiplex cinema on our doorstep, we have continued to trade, and have run successful productions of Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Plays and Concerts, including professional acts such as "Kiki Dee", "Over The Rainbow - The Eva Cassidy Story" and "Abbalicious!". We also house productions by notable local companies such as Ramsgate Operatic Society and The Broadstairs Dickens Players, and offer children the opportunity to perform in our Stage Schools and dance classes.

Furthermore, Ralph Hoult, one of my team, is also in the process of trying to relaunch events at the Eastcliff Bandstand for the benefit of the local population.

I don't know whether you have visited our venue recently, but we have made significant investment in refurbishing the formerly run-down premises, including redecoration inside and out, refurbishing the bar and public toilets, and installing disabled facilities. We have also spent large amounts of money on technical theatre, namely high quality sound and lighting.

Seeing as we are a Community venture, owned by more than seventy locals (many of them Ramsgatonians) I am disappointed at your view of our business.

I would like to invite you to visit our venue and see for yourself the progress that has been made since the days of Brian Stout. I would be happy to arrange a tour of the premises for you, to enable you to make more informed judgement about our business.

Kind regards,

Stephen Foster,
Chief Executive,
Granville Theatre Limited


Anonymous said...

Consider yoursefl ticked off, ECR!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well what did he expect? That nice Kevin Crace, the new owner of the Westage Pavilion, invites me to put on An Evening With Eastcliff Richard as soon as he sets foot over the threshold. And what have I been offered by the theatrical establishment on my doorstep over the last three years? Nada!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, if you appeared at the Granville as well as Westgate Pav, you have the makings of a major tour! Just need to do a night at the Theatre Royal, then you can take Canterbury by storm at the new Marlowe when that opens. Go for it ECR -but get an Equity card first if you're going to make a habit of it otherwise you won't be a fully paid up luvvie.

Anonymous said...

Chief Executive? I remember when it was just a cinema with a bloke that ran it. Perhaps they're selling a lot more ice-cream these days?

Anonymous said...

'I remember when it was just a cinema with a bloke that ran it'
Exactly why so many businesses collapse because they are run poorly.

Lucy Mail said...

Gracious me, Richard. It's starting to look like you're selling out to this miniature version of Pfizer!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Me? Selling out? No way! They haven't been offered me enough money yet!