Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Kid On The Blog

I see that someone has very bravely started a blog called Margate Leisure. Sponsored by Bryant and May and Primark no doubt. Actually, although the blogspot address is Margate Leisure, the blog itself is called Thanet Leisure. And it seems as if the writer comes from 'Rmasgate'. Cripes.

Still, I wish him/her all the best of British. They've even got a scoop of sorts to kick start their scribblings - news that the former Yates Wine Bar in Cecil Square is due to re-open before Christmas under the Riley banner. Whatever that is.

Click here to visit Margate Leisure

Update: Margate Leisure has now decided to change his/her blog address to Thanet Leisure, so we can now all refer to it as Thanet Leisure. I think. I'm assured, though, that he/she has nothing to do with the dreaded Thanet Leisure Force, who 'look after', amongst other things, the Mike and Bernie Winter Gardens. Phew, I'm glad we got that cleared up!


Lucy Mail said...

There also seems to be some conflict between Christmas 2008 and Christmas 2009 being the opening target.
The latter would be better for me, as it takes a little time to trowel on my make-up, these days!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Aw Lucy. You flatter yourself!

Michael Child said...

That was a quick change, better name though for covering the isles leisure, a good idea but a huge task to keep up to date.

Anonymous said...

Aye, I don't fancy trying to keep a eye on all that information. But I'm glad someone is willing to give it a shot.

Katie Did! said...

Maybe it will be more popular than the government standard style websites.

Maybe, whoever the Blog master/mistress is will pull together the various paper gig guides and W3 etc.

I wonder if they take submissions????

Good luck to them, I have often wanted to do such a thing for Thanet Events but my diary seems busier then ol'e Eastcliff's himself sometimes!!!

Lucy Mail said...

Don't they run the Maison Dieu in Dover, as well as the Winter Gardens?
Both of which host fine beer festivals.
I'd say TLF are Top Dead Center when it comes down to it, though I'm sure Pete the pervographer would disagree.