Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No Mumms Going To Iceland

Cripes! I see Iceland's going tits up! Not the frozen food store formerly known as Bejam, but the country near the North Pole! Fortunately none of the Eastcliff millions are invested there, otherwise I'd be straight round my old showbiz chum Bjork's, getting her to empty the krona out of her piggy bank.

What is worrying, however, is that Kent County Council has placed 50 million of your hard-earned council tax sponds in banks over there, according to the BBC News website. Nice one geysers! (Geddit?!!!?!)


Shinguard said...
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Anonymous said...

Well according to Cllr Nick Chard KCC employ experts to manage the money.KCC should ask ECR who looks after all his spare cash.

I think KCC should try to poach Brighton's experts. They thought Iceland was dodgey a year ago and pulled out.

The big boys at KCC will no doubt blame the goverment for suggesting that they spread the risks around!
Blame anyone but their own experts or the people that hired them!

Shinguard said...

Didn't you just know it would be Kent County Council who had stashed away the largest amount of cash in dodgy Iceland?

I hear TDC has gone for the safer bet and their money is hidden in roles of carpet at a local retail shop.

Anonymous said...

We remember the Cod Wars of the 1970s. Now its pay back time.

Katie Did! said...


You had me and my mother, rolling on the floor laughing....

Of course you can prove nothing lol. Rolls of wad does not come with free laying.

steve said...

so kent piss £50mm of our money up the wall and brush it aside as a small part of a much larger number of cash under its control, a mere smidgen of its overall budget.

just remember that next time the feckers try and put your council tax up, or cut a service important to you.

steve said...

well f**k me.

TDC, hardly know for their financial astuteness, are on the sunny side of a financial transaction. Their advisors have been telling them the dangers of Icelandic banks for 2 years.

shame they didn't ask them about old marks and spencer sites in the iddle of margate.