Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Thanet Leak

Blimey! Lord Gnome has dangled his illustrious organ in Thanet's direction yet again this week, with another piece in Private Eye about local squillionaire Ken Wills' plan to plonk concrete all over our lovely arable land and aquifer, which gained council approval earlier this month. After detailing Ken's seemingly boundless largesse around the island recently, the item concludes:

Happily, news that at least 470 tonnes of the chemical cyclohexanone has seeped into Thanet's groundwater over the past 12 years following a spill at another industrial site only, er, leaked out after the council meeting.

Hmm. If I was Ken and his cohorts, I'd be more worried about who was leaking this noxious stuff to the national press than any boring old chemicals! If you want to read the rest, you'll have to cough up a quid and a half at your local WH Smug.


Rick said...

You take your time getting to the point ECR. But you there now

(1) When was the full council CGP meeting scheduled ?

(2) How long did TDC delay before forwarding my FOI Request, re Sericol, to Environment Agency ?

(3) How many councillors would have voted differently about CGP if they had known about the ongoing remediation and the scale of recovery of cyclohexanone ?

(4) Why were Kent Police so slow (well not started yet) on to the trail of cyclohexanone that was half-inched ? Being as how it is used in back street drugs factories (the sort of premises which catch fire ?) And it can be used to make terrorist explosives.

I make the point on my blog for the more discerning that Kent Police should have been investigating Sericol matters in 1988 (one year before the Deal Barracks bombing) and TDC/KPA cllr Hayton should have been directing police and police authority inquiries there from 1998.

(5) So did Cllr Hayton, erstwhile Head of TDC Planning and still joined at the hip with Ken Gregory current Chair of Planning, know all along about cyclohexanone loss ?

(6) TDC (Richard Samuel Chief Exec has taken over my FOI application responses (which may be why I am getting no response). TDC is now delaying answering about whether they yielded lead agency to govt depts over a number of incidents at Thor Chemicals.

(7) KCC got their FOI response out, as I think you know, informing me that the Kent Adventure Training Corps youth group has not had KCC Youth Group Affiliation status since 2003.

This was the group in which tory Cllr George Maison was once an adult leader. In 1988 a Betteshanger miner gave Police evidence that he had been approached by this KATC leader who was trying to obtain mining explosives and detonators to make what he called "Whizz bangs" to amuse his troop of KATC.

So the miner laughed our George off but suggested to police that it would not be a good idea to issue the man with a firearms certificate or to allow him access to explosive chemicals especially as his engineering qualifications were allegedly forged. So please check out how he obtained work as site maintenance engineer at Sericol ? Yes folks Kent Police should have been looking at Sericol way back in 1988. (about 28 years into the leakage if the pipe leak dated from its installation)

The man, Maison, went on to work for ten years in site maintenance at Sericol and to be a tory cllr at TDC. And to become vice Chair of North Thanet Tory Assn. No doubt re-Gale ing them (geddit?)with tales of his undercover missions to Ireland so secret he could only tell the whole of Thanet about it. No doubt his KATC cadets sat enthralled by his honorary member of the SAS stories.

I love the story about self styled hand to hand combat exponent George after he drove to Covent Garden to collect veg. There he gave a West Indian porter the benefit of some dubious racial theory. The porter, it seems, was a man of few words. But he lifted our George off the floor with a single hand curl whilst firmly grasping George by the testalia.

The porter inquired if recent events had caused George to reconsider his position on the pecking order of racial types.

To be fair to George he did change his viewpoint immediately and in a strangely falsetto way.

Thanet tories ? Private Eye could not make them up. Could be more pickings for Private Eye yet ECR ?

Final question did Roger Gale MP support George Maison in 1988 against opposition to the issue of a firearms certificate ? Were police inmquiries dropped as a result and maison given a firearms cert ? And was this also the reason Police did not investigate for obtaining employ by deception at Sericol where Maison went on to work as site maintenance engineer for ten years until internal inquiry 1998 .....

Attach the fishes as to one line ECR You are the wordsmith and Thanet needs your skills. You may mock from the stands how the strong man stumbles but there is no doubt you are a master of the eloquent megaphone

Rick said...

And Roger Gale was it also to do with why Breach of Security warning inquiries re Deal Marines Barracks were also dropped .....

or covered up re another military fantasist KATC leader ?

And they have the temerity to sit in their Thanet masonic lodges and tory groups claiming to be patriotic.

In 1996 I was visited by kent Police who told me that they had withdrawn Mr Maison's firearms cert after a general review caused by the Dunblane incident.

Nothing to do with a ski masked combat suited man assaulting Cllr Margaret Mortlock on her doorstep then ? Or threats to shoot Mrs Mortlock who went on anyway and proved her case of libel against Maison in 1998.

Strange how the local MP was also said to have supported the Dunblane killer to have a firearms cert.

Perhaps Roger Gale will address these matters in a Gale's View ?

Whilst he at it what about failing to act on constituent complaints about firing activity at the 6th Thanet Gun Range. Just looking at some names on range firing lists now, odd one here "Papa Adams" ring any bells in Thanet tory circles ? I am not suggesting that he knew about the unlawful firing activity witnessed at that range. Just mentioning that as a name on the range records.

It sounds similar to an hotelier name who thought TDC were a bit tight in only giving him £35000 grant aid.

You know where your delete button is ECR.

Rick you're banned

Anonymous said...

Don't ban him.
Good stuff Rick.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Rick - since your inestimable FOI request to the Environment Agency which confirmed the Sericol leak, you've earned the right to be the person sitting in the corner and mumbling to yourself indefinitely as far as I'm concerned. After all, every good pub should have one!

Anonymous said...

What everyone appears to have forgotten is that back in 1993 no less a personage than HM The Queen, along with Phil the Greek, visited the old Sericol site (and the current one too as it happens). I know cos I took the official photos for the company. Nobody mentioned this cyclohexanone leak at the time! Let us hope she hasn't suffered any ill effects since, otherwise none of us, not even ECR himself, will stand a chance of picking up a gong for services rendered to the Crown!

As for 6th Thanet Rifle Club, I used to be a member myself until 1981 or so. Does the name James Mavadatt ring a bell with anybody? Member of the pistol section. President of the club in my time was one Ken Gray, a decent chap if ever there was, and also club sec Ron Bland, also a gent of the old school. Any thoughts Rick?


Nick, Whitstable

Anonymous said...

Wow I've moved to Thanet. It's like reading about the Mafia.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Welcome to the Wild East!

Anonymous said...

Scary thing is we are run by the east end mafia and they seem unstoppable.
There are few with integrity - i vote for a unitary authority - abolish TDC

Anonymous said...

What a dumb idea. The same people will get elected and they will get paid even bigger allowances.