Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flog It!

Regular contributor Millicent writes:

Did you know that Ramsgate now has a new auction house in Westcliff Road, next door to Kwikfit? The first auction was on Saturday morning. There were 220 lots and it went on for over two hours. There was an amazing array of goodies both big and small on offer and some bargains to be had. I bought four empty Edwardian postcard albums for £2! The next auction will be Sat 8th November at 10am. There is a cafe serving tea and sandwiches but get there early if you want/need a seat. I had never been to an auction before so I found it very entertaining.

Thanks for the info Millicent. It's at this point that I usually come up with some incredibly witty pay-off line, but you're going to have to fill in the blanks yourselves today as I've got the grandfather of all hangovers after attending Wussell and Wossie's leaving do last night. Pass the Neuries, Georgina!

Click here to visit Royal Harbour Auction Rooms website


Millicent said...

Have heard that as the first auction was such a success they are holding one this Saturday as well!

Anonymous said...

The auctions over at Westgate are good too, they have one every 3 or 4 weeks. I said to my wife 6 months a go "You realise we have nothing of substance to pass onto the kids....except the Playstation!" I have since spent less than £100 on some decent quality ware for the house from flower arrangers to ornaments etc. If I had bought the same in Antique shops I would have spent several hundred pounds by now.