Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pollution News

If you're wondering who that lump that's currently rattling the windows of Ramsgate belongs to, it's Ghana International Airlines. I think I can be certain that it's a 757, since Ghana International Airlines only possess one plane, a 757 leased from our old friends Astraeus, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's airline of choice.

I've popped their contact details below, should you feel inclined to complain to them about the fumes, noise and greenhouse gases they're spewing out on their training circuits over the Millionaires' Playground!

Click here for more details of Ghana Airlines on Wikipedia

Click here to complain to Ghana Airlines

This article has NOT been approved by the Politburo. Politburo member Comrade Latchford points out that the airport has created millions of jobs in Thanet, and is set to employ another 10,000,000 comrades by 2010. This is a small price to pay for the distress and inconvenience caused to the relatively small number of party members who live in Ramsgate.


Rear view mirror said...

I just saw it land during one of it's circuits. The colours were very bright and cheerful, it brightened up my day.

I never had you down as a plane spotter (nice photo), if you ever become interested in spotting taxi's let me know?

Anonymous said...

Thank f*ck we are getting a Ramsgate Town Council perhaps it will be able to put a stop to these awful training flights.

Anonymous said...

Oh no they won't. They will be a complete waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!

Eastcliff Richard said...

If seeing a crate like that 'brightened up your day', Thanet Cabbie, then at a guess I would suggest it's you that's the plane spotter!

Anonymous said...

Its not one of those airlines that reserve a seat/s for the mechanics servicing it, to encourage a thorough
job and thus reduce its chances of dropping out of the sky based on self interest?

Anonymous said...

Oh Tim Garbutt
you are such a chatlott(on)
pretending to be called dick
so you can take the mick
of people you wish you could be
if you weren't annoyingly noisey

Planes are good M'kay
they take your cares away
when you go up into the sky
hoping that you don't die
KIA puts places within your reach
like dubai so you can go and have sex on a beach
Or thailand where you can pick up a wife
who can cook curry, which is quite nice.

So Tim, Tim, Tim
stop being so dim, dim, dim
'Richard' everyone knows where you're at
stop being a bloody prat.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:53 said
' Thank f*ck we are getting a Ramsgate Town Council perhaps it will be able to put a stop to these awful training flights.'

Yet another example of the complete impotence of a Town Council, Airport activities are controlled by a Section 106 Agreement between the Airport operators and the Local Planning Authority in this case TDC.
Flying a plane into an airport is not like turning up in a strange town and heading for the nearest car park rather bizzarly in is quite important that a pilot knows a bit about the airport he/she plans to land at, runway length, prevailing wind conditions, approach route, instrument types, other hazards and so on so a bit of practice is essential.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, yes 12:11am, although I haven't the foggiest what you're going on about. Neither do you, I suspect.

And 10:59am, of course planes have to practice where they plan to land at, but the chances of Ghana Airways, British Airways or any other kind of airways regularly landing at RAFLKRMIA, other than by doing a quick tour of the Thanet coastline every 10 minutes, are fanciful to put it mildly!

Michael Child said...

The real issue here is now we know that the aquifer under the airport is essential to supplying us with water, both for domestic, commercial and agricultural needs should we using the airport at all?

If we have an air accident resulting in a fuel spillage on the grassed part of the airfield resulting in permanent damage to the aquifer, where do we go from there?

Anonymous said...

Er, tanker loads of water being brought into the area in perpetuity?

steve said...

10:59am. as ECR so kindly puts it, if one of the circling planes actually flew somewhere from Manston that passengers could get onto, it might not be so bad. However, as the airport is in the wrong place to attract any passengers (close-ish to London which is serviced by 5 major airports, and surrounded by sea) its highly unlikely it will ever attract more than a handful of passenger flights.

Therefore, its of no use to us. The pilot is practicing his landings for somewhere else. He leaves us deaf and polluted. At least it keeps 7 people in a job though, eh?

Anonymous said...

A 106 agreement since when did that work to protect us then?

Tony said...

Helo Steve & ECR. Same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Air travel is dead.

steve said...

tell me something new then Tony.

Tony said...

Are you the same Steve that put this:

steve said...
10:18, I am a city boy, and its pricks like you that may keep others like me out of Thanet.

4:26 PM

on the "Water Cock Up" article?

steve said...