Monday, October 06, 2008

Finger In The Dyke?

Regular contributor Mr Dickens of Broadstairs writes:

Your recent picture of the Major Domo of Ramsgate in waiting reminded me of one of my favourite esoteric websites -

I think he could qualify as a mature rug muncher. Do we have any more Thanet celebrities who might make the grade?

PS: You really must stop your middle class jibes about Broadstairs. I would go on longer but I have to put Flavia and Hugo to bed, varnish the Morris Traveller, compose a Haiku for the Broadie, and still catch the last part of Tess of the D'Urbivilles (volume down whilst I read from the original Hardy).

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James Maskell said...

Whenever Ive seen him hes always come across as bolshy and expecting to get his way. My big problem with him is that he represents the Ramsgate First Party, clearly caring far more for Ramsgate than any other part of Thanet, and yet he is to be the candidate in the next General Election for South Thanet. If Ramsgate is his primary concern, then what about the rest of the constituency?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well I think he would argue, James, that the reason for Ramsgate being his primary concern is that it has suffered from years of neglect by TDC, whether it be Tories or Labour.

The trouble is, Ramsgate always votes Labour, so the Tories see no advantage in handing out the bread and circuses round here. And from what I've heard, when Labour are in power they spend all the money in the north too, trying to win votes.

To be fair on Our Jezza, he has renamed himself 'People First' for his Sarf Fannit candidacy!

Anonymous said...

perhaps Sandy Eziekiel could pass as heavy duty member of the sisterhood, I think in the dom role to offset the girlish charm of councillor Latchford

Anonymous said...

You - rightly - got very exercised some time ago over improper language used about travellers. Why do you think it is acceptable to repeat another's reference to gay women as "rug munchers"?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh p-l-eeeeze Rick! Do us all a favour and go and get a life!

Anonymous said...

He's a laughing stock within Thanet (a place where the closest most people get to culture is stepping in sicked up kebab outside a pub) imagine how he would be seen by the wider population.

I'm sure he makes very nice cups of instant coffee in his shed but how does that prepare him for political office exactly?

As for Eastcliff Richard telling someone to 'get a life'....there just aren't the words to express the level of irony in that...

Eastcliff Richard said...

Right. That's it, Rick. You're barred!

Rick said...

Wrong call ECR. I am not anon 1.52but thanks for your kind sentiments.

Rick said...

Nor am I anon 9.57

Rick said...

I suspect that my blog doppleganger is you ECR cunningly having a pop at GOD and blaming me.

Not so much barring me as tarring me

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh, sorry Rick. I do apologise.

Must have been Simon Moores or Sandy.

Rick said...

I was at our allotments at 1.52 I think. Please don't apologise ECR. I should apologise really as you know it was me who wrote the "Gippo" piece on Simon Moores blog and then criticised it on other blogs.

That was gratuitous actually.

I know that there is a Thanet man now breaking. He is dead in his depths. He will be helped by his friends. But his soul is destroyed. And yet I do not think he is a bad man. He is a foolish man. The psychology that motivated him to act in the way he did is the psychology of the suspension of critical faculty. It made him act wrongly and it made him vulnerable.

Sometimes there are bigger issues and such men must be broken. But please don't think that there is any sense of winning in this or any triumphalism.

Just remember I told you this. I won't be making it public domain. And if it becomes public please know that I will not be commenting anonymously or otherwise.

The wolves (national press) have sought me out now about Thanet. They have smelt blood. And after dealing with them it feels as if I had a crap and then found there was no lavvy paper and no soap. Did what was called for but emerged soiled.

Best of luck ECR. I think I have done now.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have someone sectioned by email? if so I nominate Rick as he is clearly barking mad.

I do not think that Sandy could have objected to the slur on the Sapphic sisterhood given his Tourettes, So that leaves the good doctor.Lighten up guys blogs are meant to be fun not editorial for the Times.