Monday, October 13, 2008

An Announcement From The Politburo

Following widespread panic and fears for the moral bankruptcy of this blog, the Politburo has decided to take unprecedented but essential action and, as of this morning, now owns a majority stake in Eastcliff Richard.

With many Thanetians ceasing to support them, we at the Politburo cannot just leave our developer friends on their own to be blogged about. For property magnates, for small carpet businesses, and for future owners of luxury apartments, we must in an uncertain and unstable world be the rock of stability on which our mates can depend.

To let the chits (What that? - Ed.) fall where they may would be the height of irresponsibility. It would be a failure of leadership at precisely the moment vigorous action is needed to protect our chums who need that help the most. And if we pull together as an island, we can come through these times covered in more concrete (Surely 'glory'?- Ed.) than ever before.

The Politburo
Cecil Street


Anonymous said...

What we need to know is exactly what stake the Politbureau now has in ECR and will this mean the end of Richard's Thanisaurus as we know it? Can we expect carpet promotions instead?

Cllr Icicle said...

Buy one roll and get free underlay.

Anonymous said...

Do yachts get cast off in times of takeover too?
Does that mean you get a go in it now if you are taken over by the owners? Arent you the lucky one - always fancied a sail in a fully carpetted wall to wall floating Thanet palace?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, now I'm a card-carrying member I can holiday in the Med with the best of them!

This comment has not been approved by the Politburo. Would Mr Eastcliff please report to the chairman's office at his earliest convenience.