Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chas 'N' Dave 'N' Eminem

So, did you know that Chas 'n' Dave of Margate fame were sampled by Eminem? Nope, neither did I!

Click here to see how Chas 'n' Dave were sampled by Eminem


Katie Did! said...

A thin connection but interesting nonetheless.

Of course I would have to listen to hear it myself.

Thanet Sweeney said...

katie did? an interior designer okay darling get real more like you sit at home dossing wishing you were an interior designer. Chas and dave the best good old fashioned lads with a will to sort out margate before me and the lads do!

thanet sweeney said...

Estcliff richard....Dr Saddler?....or one of his cronies what a right bunch of no -marks saddler what a waste of time he is!! he cant tell a leg from an arm and nor can his Doctor mates. Me and the lads would love to raid him.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Tracy was sampled by Chas 'n' Dave? Or the other way around?