Friday, May 30, 2008

The White Cliffs Of Ramsgate

With the red veil slowly being lifted from our once crumbling, now repaired Eastcliff here in the Cannes of Kent to reveal our answer to Dover's proverbials, Chief O'Donnell of Ramsgate First writes:

I went down to see the partial unveiling of the cliff face on Ramsgate front yesterday. It looks very white, bright and clean and on a sunny day should give us all snow blindness. Still mustn’t carp. It's not for the likes of us (ratepayers) anyway – it will mostly be covered up by the new carbuncle that SFP (Whoever) Ltd might, perhaps, build there thanks to the obliging and cynical old ruling junta on TDC.

The railings on the cliff-top look very bright and shiny too. Unfortunately they end abruptly and unevenly exactly at the point above where the new flats that might be built by SFP (Wherever) Ltd will end. Coincidence? Having restored over 750 feet of path, railings and cliff face they should have finished the job and continued to the Augusta steps – another 150 feet at most. And it looks like an unfinished job and that, of course, is par for the gang from the North Side Chapter of Thanet – the Conswervative Cowboys. It will become a monument to their monumental cynicism.

In the meantime what will happen if the housing market continues to fall in value? SFP (Whatever) Ltd could be left with unsold apartments for years. Will they defer the build until house prices rise sufficiently to make this ugly carbuncle viable again? If so can we look forward to another five years of an empty site? Probably. It could only happen in Thanet.

Gerry, as ever, not holding any punches there. I'd have to add that I do trust my council tax won't be going up when they have to repaint it in a few years' time for the benefit of the Titanic's residents. I wonder how long before it's covered in graffiti?


Michael Child said...

Richard you didn’t happen to notice if the foundations at the bottom of the bit they have painted are still hanging in mid air did you?

Eastcliff Richard said...

As you can see from the photo it was tipping down, so I only ventured a few feet from the car door I'm afraid.

If what you've reported in the past about the whole thing being almost without foundations is still the case, though, it surely won't be long before it all crumbles again and the scaffolding has to go back up toute de suite!

Anonymous said...


Photos of just such a crispy clean white chalk face were sent to TDC some years ago.

It was of the quarry face target end of the 6th Thanet Gun Range.

Inspector David Bragg Licensing Officer of Thanet Police had written, of this whiter than white chalk face, "This has resulted from erosion over the years".

In 1992 it appears that Ordnance Survey mapped the area. And there 1992 survey shows apparently the target end about 12 feet forward of the crisp white chalk face photod three years later.

Clearly David Bragg's erosion over the years relates to erosion over no more than three years.

If we multiple the height of the chalk face by the width of the chalk face and the 12 feet difference between the 1992 OS recorded position and the 1995 recorded position then that seems to equate to the volume of chalk spoil that David Bragg's erosion over the years had somehow transported and dumped in nearby woodland.

IF the explanation for all this was not in fact "Erosion over the years" then what was the position re TDC Planning Enforcement concerning unauthroized earthworks at a range in their jurisdiction.

The Planning Officer appears to have taken early retirement at about the time the TDC Standards Cttee sat and a councillor Neville Hudson (Chairing the meeting) somehow did not present the evidential photos to the Standards Cttee.

I was looking at some range records, in my possession, the other day. Oooh there is a name.

Similar if not identical to the Head of a TDC Dept.

Oooh and another name, bit unusual this one, same name as a hotelier member of North Thanet tories and a recipient of grant aid from said TDC.

Oooh here is another name. Same as a police sergeant.

Oooh and two names the same as two police constables.

Chalk that up as coincidence then shall we ?

Anonymous said...


JLM said...

If you are interested in Ramsgate's Eastcliff or Pleasurama- (former Merrie England) visit:-