Wednesday, May 21, 2008


With the filthy French blockading their own Channel ports again, it looks like Ramsgate - Oostende has become the crossing of choice for the truckies. Pootling past the port tunnel road in the Priapus just now, it was nose to tail with juggernauts backed right up onto the roundabouts. In fact the sign said it was officially closed - our own mini version of Operation Stack perhaps - and trucks were being diverted to the port through the town.

Still, it's all money for the port, which already contributes a tidy sum to the council coffers. Who knows, if the French keep this up, we could all get a rebate on our council tax next year! Vive la difference!


Tony said...

"Still, it's all money for the port, which already contributes a tidy sum to the council coffers". Could not agree with your statement more, pity TDC don't realise this and put more investment into it, and also make more effort to the transport industry of it's existence.

Ian J said...

All we need now is a lorry park!

Sorry forgot, this is Thanet, with it's cost a fortune, do nothing council.

Disgruntled of Ramsgate said...

The port already has a lorry park so why don't the lorries use it instead of parking along the undercliff

Eastcliff Richard said...

Because they would have to pay a tenner is the simple answer.

A better question would be: 'Why don't the port security people patrol along the undercliff and move the lorries on?'

Michael Child said...

Does Port Ramsgate actually make money? I know the marina does but have never seen figures that separate two.

Eastcliff Richard said...

As far as I'm aware the port, harbour and marina are net contributors to TDC. Rumour has it around £0.5m a year.

The weirdest thing is they send out flyers from Ramsgate Marina Association along with the bills to berth holders, which is full of guff about what a rotten shower TDC are. It would be a bit like you putting 'This book is shite' stickers on all your stock!