Friday, May 30, 2008

Ramsgate Rocks

Unfortunately I couldn't make this morning's official opening of the new project by Thanet's greatest living-here artist (Tracey only visits), Ruth Cutler. Her Sea Garden project, which she's crafted from local stones and plants, was due to be unveiled by none other than our local MP Dr Steve Ladyboy at 11am. Here's one I snapped off through the railings a few months ago when it was a work in progress. Ruth's asked everyone to rally round and look after, or even add to, the sea garden so do feel free to lend a helping hand.

Meanwhile Ramsgate's newest charity, Beach Within Reach, has also been launched today with a fun event on the sands. The charity aims to provide all-terrain wheelchairs that can be used by adults and children, with no hire charge only a returnable deposit. BWR's Treasurer, Kim Twyman, told me: 'These All-Terrain wheelchairs will be on Ramsgate main beach for the new season of 2008 and on other beaches in the Thanet area as funds permit. We hope this project will increase the tourism industry in our area. We are trying to reach charities, organizations and schools out of the area that run holidays/breaks/days out for the disabled.'

Good on yer, Kim! The launch is also being featured on the BBC's teeny-tiny news today, so if any of you lot want to catch a glimpse you'd better dash home by 6.30!

Click here for more details of Ruth Cutler's sea garden
Click here for more on Beach Within Reach


Anonymous said...

Some undisputed good news for a change - well done you for finding it.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm off to open a vein.

Millicent said...

Had a look over the railings this lunchtime - looks nice and more plants will grow there in time - hope people will start sitting there soon to give it a more lived-in look.

Peter Checksfield said...

I saw it today & I agree it looks very nice (though I could't help feeling a little sadness after seeing the photo there of the boating pool & outdoor swimming pool taken back in the British seaside's heyday).

Anonymous said...

someones rearranged some of the stones so that from above the word 'ANAL' can clearly be read. Lovely.