Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going For A Burn-Up

Given that the only things to have melted down in Margate recently have been half a million quid's worth of fruit machines and the bolts on the listed Scenic Railway, it's good to see those hairy bikers at London's famous Ace Cafe putting their faith in a burn-up to the Arsonists' Playground this coming bank holiday Monday.

Let's hope the Rockers are given a, er, warmer welcome than the Mods last year. If you recall, the scooterists had their camp site relocated at the last minute to somewhere north of Great Yarmouth after Worried of Westgate developed a nervous twitch and febrile visions of running battles up and down the comatose streets of God's Waiting Room. In the end, far from resembling mad skinheads hellbent on trashing the joint, the 'Mods', most of whom were themselves in their granddad years, were happy to sit with a quiet pint and a plate of cockles. But all were agreed that the snotty attitude displayed by some Thanetians had put not a few mockers on the occasion.

As a Mod-turned-Rocker myself, I'll be there to welcome the visitors with a cheery smile and a can of chain lube. I'd advise our local biker-baiter blogger, Nervous of Margate, to make other arrangements for his bank holiday, though. Perhaps a day out in Ramsgate would be the thing, eh Nervous?

Click here for Margate Meltdown on Ace Cafe website

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That attitude is soooo Westgate.
Things don't happen because of snots like that. As a former mod, I am disgusted. Hope it doesn't put them off.
Disgusted of Margate.