Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Small Point

According to a story in today's Thanet Times, 'cops have caught short perverts indulging in sex acts in Minster's public loos.' Apparently they had to let them off with cautions due to lack of evidence. Oh, go on then, please yourselves!

Click here for full story in Thanet Times


Michael Child said...

There’s just no point in buying the Guardian any more with this level of journalism locally

Michael Child said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't the Midgets live inside the caves of the eastcliff?

Anonymous said...

They had this problem where I live a few years back, they were drilling holes in the metal partions. I saw a man go in with biggest Black and Decker you have ever seen.

Ms L'Point said...

How typical for you to resort to a cheap pun when the police are dealing with a very real and important problem.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

No doubt TDC will shut the toilet down and sell it off. Expect to see the estate description soon .

"A charming cottage full of characters.although small, it does have a snug feel and lots nooks and crannies.
Would suit a confirmed batchelor .


Anonymous said...

Try cleaning the Winter Gardens after a certain Masonic Lodge has held a function there.

Let us just say they leave evidence that they are fellows of a sensible bent who did protected sex in the gents lavvies.

Rum, bum and baccy Lodge.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder if their lodge ritual is a bit unusual.

Press the points of the dividers to your bared breast.

Perambulate in contemplation.

Then bend before the Master of the Lodge

As an entered apprentice of the fist degree

Anonymous said...

wow do masons have full penetrative anal intercourse in the winters gardens tiolets!!!??? You shouldn't be forced to clean up thier shit covered condoms it's disgusting. As for minster I understand the problem got worse since land used for grazing sheep was built on.