Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mrs Tara Plumbing To The Rescue!

With Mr Ceaucescu (no relation) currently off on a ten day 'friendship' cruise with Mrs Eastcliff (relation) (formerly Mrs Ceaucescu (no relation)), I'm short of a factotum here at the old cliff top mansion. So when a leak developed in the west wing plumbing yesterday I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

But then I had a flash of inspiration! Why not call fellow Thanet blogger Mrs Tara Plumbing? Quick as a wink I was on the old telling bone, and a very friendly and efficient lady called Deborah (would that be Mrs TP herself?) said they could probably come round in the afternoon, but she'd have to call me back to confirm. Which, unlike just about every other plumbing service I've ever used, she did. Not only that, but the plumber chap himself phoned half an hour before he arrived to say that he'd be arriving in, er, half an hour. At which point he proceeded to jiggle with my plumbing to maximum effect. Hurrah for Mrs TP!

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Michael Child said...

Saw one of the more cowboy outfits vans parked outside a house the other day, when suddenly the Plummer ran out of the house and started tearing feverishly at the little manhole in the pavement where the stop cock is.

old codger said...

I don't know about stop, mine never seems to start these days.

Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

Oh, so that is who you are.
You really do live on the East Cliff.
Don't worry - your secret identity is safe with me - so long as your cheque doesn't bounce!

I'm so pleased I was able to satisfy - ooo err.

As for those cow boy outfit (Michael refers to) my own child has a lovely one from Asda - but I guess it would be best if he doesn't wear it when out in daddy's van

Mrs T.P. xx

tony flaig bignews said...

I hope your getting a discount for this shameless plug for TP plumbing

Eastcliff Richard said...

I didn't know Mrs TP did shameless plugs. If I had I'd have ordered a couple for the ensuite.