Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chinese Water Torture

The south MP Dr. Steve Ladyboy of Thanet has called for 'a thorough investigation' into fears that the park of business proposed of China of the foot squared of squillion 12 in Manston could contaminate local water sources. In an email to the child of Michael of biblio-biblio-bloke, the Dr. Ladyboy writes:

The Environment Agency and the Council must investigate these concerns thoroughly and independently and make sure that adequate precautions are taken – and I will be doing my best to make sure those investigations do take place. They have blocked other local developments because of concerns about contaminants entering the water supply and they must be no less diligent about this application.

But in an apparent hollowing out of Thanet's foremost online celebrity, Mr Richard Eastcliff, the MP adds:

There are some of our local cyber citizens who only have the word ‘no’ in their vocabulary when it comes to developments associated with the airport – unemployment and low incomes in Thanet remain our chief problems in my view and this development must be given a fair chance to succeed if it can do so without risk.

Well, as a speed-loving minister of previous transport you would not expect him to be all green and tree-hugging, would you? Ho de ho, I think that I am starting definitively to get the hanging of this!

Estale to see commentaries of the Dr. Ladyboy in blog of the child of Michael here


Mr Dickens of Broadstairs said...

How many out of work pilots and air traffic controllers are living in Thanet?. The whole jobs arguement is always presented, as though the jobs go to local people.
With large scale building projects like Westwood the vast majority of construction work went to contractors who brought their workforce in hammering down the A299 at the crack of dawn and leaving in the evening. there was probably some local labour work and some benefit but nothing like the figures that get thrown about when these projects get talked about.
We would all like the local economy to improve but please be honest about it , and not ridicule anyone who raises genuine concerns as if they are being nimbys .

Anonymous said...

Agreed, especially if one has taken political funding from developers?

Anonymous said...

Political funding 1.26. Who's got their sticcky fingers in this one?

Peter Checksfield said...

Mr Dickens, so isn't it important to create jobs for people outside of Thanet too? (& apparantly some people who live in Thanet work outside the area...).

And I agree that if we have genuine concerns then we shouldn't be afraid to say so, but at the same time it's true that some people are automatically negative about almost everything that happens (or may happen) in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Dear god!!!

Something negatively happening in Thanet, where did this negative event happen and when!!! Please do tell?

All i can recall that has happened is that the taxpayers have been constantly ripped off in thanet and that about all that's negatively happened.

steve said...

Mr Dickens, very well said

across the country, there are people who would not work if it was across the road from their house, let alone a commute.

I'm for China Gateway, but not where it is. Why use a greenfield site on a water table when there is a brownfiled site a few miles away - Richborough. Or failing that, build it over the airport.

It would be interesting to note how many locals are employed at Manston out of the "100" mentioned on KIA's new website.

Anonymous said...

Just to help people get into perspective the size of the CGP, take a drive down Brooksend Hill coming out of Birchington and immediately in front, on the horizon, you will see the structure going up for the first of the Planet Earth (Planet Fannit?) greenhouses. This entire site is about 25 per cent larger than the intended CGP.
I think it's going to measure about 91 hectares as opposed to 65 odd for CGP - pretty big all the same. It would be interesting to know how many of the 500 jobs meant to be created at PE are/will be local to Thanet.

Nick, Whits

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk about jobs going to locals, what do you want to do? Close the border at Sarre and Richborough? I live in Thanet but work In Dover, do you think locals in Dover would prefer it if I didn't work there? I used to work at Gatwick and my colleagues came in from Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Dorking, South London and even one from Minster (Thanet) everyday. You (a minority I trust) show yourselves for what some of you are, an inbred island race within an island.

Peter Checksfield said...

Well said anon 7:43 AM!

I wonder how many people in Thanet work at Pfizer just "across the border"?

Anonymous said...


I wonder how many so called inbred locals are actually serving this worthless country now (armed forces) and in the past are posters on this site.

An immediate member of my family would not work in Thanet (he also served this worthless country in the Middle East) because (a) the jobs and prospects are rubbish (b) The housing and quality of life issues are equally rubbish...hence they have a wonderful life else where in the country with truly affordable housing and an amazing quality of life and has been able to ditch the car?

Some of us posters have lived and worked around the world and in Thanet and are well under the retirement age - and can say with certainty there has been a distinct lack of leadership and planning...get those little items right and poeple would not whinge. GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

In short i find the post at 7:43 to be offensive to say the least

Anonymous said...

9:23 AM, your points are exactly the reason why we should be trying to attract people from outside of the area to work in Thanet, therefore reversing the exodus!

Anonymous said...

And that includes pilots & air traffic controllers!

Anonymous said...

Well done Biblioman for getting Dr Ladyman to express concern about a potential hazard to Thanet from industrial development.

Now about the matter of alleged dumbed down standards for pipe and vessel welds on the Pfizer Development Site ? Did two weld inspectors refuse to sign for the work ? Were large amounts in penalty clauses taken by Pfizer and did they dumb down the contractual standard rather than schedule rework ?

And did the site weld inspector have a conversation with some former Thanet production welders and did they admit to weld nobbling when employed in a Thanet factory as production welders ?

Over to you Dr Ladyman. Perhaps Pfizer made a risk assessment based on their projected need for the facility in Thanet ?

Anonymous said...

bit late to worry about this sort of thing isnt it? shouldn't this have been dealt with at the planning stage? bunch of incompetant money grabbing fools.