Friday, May 02, 2008

Falling Standards

Interesting that this week's Isle of Thanet Gazunder has returned to the Famous Fannit F*cking Tosser/Wanker debacle on the front page, under a mysteriously un-bylined lead about local bling kings the Hiltons facing 52 charges brought by Trading Standards.

Far from the abject apologies/law suits predicted by some of its media rivals last week, the Gazunder's story is headlined: 'Ezekiel's Fracas Apology' and goes on to detail how Our Sandy has said sorry for his behaviour, but has refused to bury the hatchet with the former Mayor of Margate for his 'f*cking tosser/wanker' outburst.

Tucked away in the second paragraph is the line: 'Former Mayor Doug Clark was found to have breached the code, not at the ball as we reported last week, but was found to have broken the code in an earlier, separate incident.' Hmm. About as close to an apology as Sandy's, I suppose!


Anonymous said...

Anybody wanting to understand the detail of the board complaints can turn to the recently created section of Isle of Thanet Extra online, accessed via the KM Online website. It's a lengthy story but details exactly who is meant to have said what and is accurate about the outcome.

It's - look for grey section on left marked local districts and click on Thanet

Nick, Whits

Observer said...

On the question of falling standards you may find this interesting from Cllr Michelle Fenner who I understand was shouted down by that thoroughly pleasant fellow Martin Wise at a Cabinet meeting last night,


At last night’s Cabinet meeting, Councillor Michelle Fenner, Shadow Cabinet member for Housing, was prevented from finishing the comments she had prepared on the Housing Inspector’s report.
What she had to say was obviously hitting home and Councillor Ezekiel couldn’t bear to listen to it all.
Councillor Michelle Fenner tried to make the points that she was disappointed in the way that the actual Inspector’s report had been cherry-picked by TDC. The Inspector’s report commented that “TDC’s plans do not always have clear, consistent and stretching targets in place2.
Councillor Fenner stood up at Full council in December 07 and said just that but, at the time, her comments were dismissed. According to a Tory Councillor “it is better not to have stretching targets so that you can be sure to achieve them”. (!!!)
Councillor Fenner intended to point out that the action plan produced as a response to then Inspector’s report needed to be more stringent.
Councillor Fenner also expressed concerns that complaints from TDC tenants did not always appear to be taken seriously nor acted upon. A recent example of this was the fact that a council tenant had to wait 2 weeks and the strong intervention from his Local Councillor to the Acting Chief executive to have his toilet mended which had been condemned by the contractors.
On the issue of affordable housing, Councillor Fenner pointed out the Inspector’s comments that not enough of it is being built because of TDC’s slowness in negotiating Section 106 agreements with the developers. "

It is my understanding that the Tories were squirming in embarrassment as she pointed out their shortcomings and Ezekiel tried to stop her talking and was aided and abetted by Wise shouting at her in a very ungentlemanly fashion.

Anonymous said...

I knew those Hiltons were a dodgy lot. Especially Paris.

Anonymous said...

Brian Conley said, on the subject of his dyslexia, that he spent his childhood thinking Three Little Pigs went to Margate. He wasn't far wrong.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day the Mayor of Margate, due to his dyslexia, turned up at Thanet Judokwai to attend the Jewdo.

The Chinese inward investors asked the Thanet tories about the matter of dumbed down weld standards at the Pfizer development site, weld failure leading to deaths at the Ramsgate ferry Walkway collapse and allegations of production weld sabotage of backup generators made in the area.

The Labour Mayor interrupted to say that as Chair of the Bench he knew the matters were totally incest. And that Thanet could boast of a first arse work force.

The Chinese asked the tories about their former Godfather Cyril, convicted forger, and whether engineering qualifications in the area might be forgeries.

The Labour Mayor pointed out that in that case one had to be sense tiff and consider both the sing agog and the moronic logs called tenpin ace and forty two'd at Birching em.

of which he had heard that cyril had been granted c-nt rehab members hips.

whisper in those shell likes

Tony said...

Ummm..., anon 11:24PM, keep taking the tablets.