Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Revolution Starts At 7pm

Local businessman and publicist Tim Garbutt has emailed to say he's going ahead with his plan to create 'a de facto Ramsgate town council', following TDC's tardy response to the overwhelming desire for more local representation here in the Cannes of Kent. He writes:

The meetings are from 7pm this Friday and next Friday at Albion House (Ramsgate’s Town Hall) - on the steps if it remains locked - to create the Town Council.

Why don’t you stand: you care about the town - put forward a list of nominees too? I think 6-10 people is about the right number?

Well, I'm afraid modesty would prevent me from getting involved Tim. Plus, as regular readers have probably noted, I'm cursed with a certain, er, hamfisted approach when it comes to politics. Still, if there's a free lunch at Mrs Garbutt's world-renowned Surin restaurant on offer, I may be persuaded to change my mind!


Anonymous said...

If they get a council ,then Broadstairs should go for royal status along the lines of Monaco .
Small inbred family with slapper daughters the Grimaldi's would fit in just fine.
Another startling similarity is loads of people living there with nothing to do and not paying any tax Vive La Stella Maris !.

People's Republic of Thanet said...

People's Republic of Thanet (PROT). Give us our independence and we'll set up a nice little tax haven with not too many questions asked;) We must have plenty of cannon fodder to man trenches along the Wansum.

Anonymous said...

Yes - wheelie bins!

Anonymous said...

What Happened????

Anonymous said...

oh nothing then!