Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanet Janet

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week local author Janet Thanet gives us her insight into the island!!!

I'd been meaning to take the dog for a walk but somehow hadn't quite got around to it after Rodney treated me to an echinacea rub in our gorgeous walled garden. Enjoying a cup of organic Earl Grey, I was miles away, remembering dreamy days on the beach at our beloved Broadstairs.

I'd been suffering from a touch of anxiety brought on by the time of the month, and what with all the hoo-ha surrounding the launch of my latest book How to turn a million words into a million quid (Snood Press, £9.99) had quite forgotten that Bunty was coming over for luncheon. Only when darling Rover started barking at the gate did I arouse from my reverie.

Cutting the crusts off the egg and cress sandwiches seemed so prosaic after the dreaminess of the morning that next time I shall have to prevail upon Rodney, methinks.

What's that got to do with Thanet? - Ed.


Anonymous said...

What a delight to read something genuinely uplifting , rather than the cynical musings of ECR.
How I loved your first book ,The Bruised Pomegranite that dealt so well with the sexual awkenings of a teenager growing up on the isle.
Finally there is something for the Broadstairs intelligensia to get their teeth into, a million miles away from slappers and arson. Well done !

Dick Rubin said...

Broadstairs Intelligensia Ha bloody Ha. In these days of dumbing down this is how it should read:

I'd been meaning to let the dog out to bury his bone in the backyard, like they say, but the Jeremy Kyle Show was on and I couldn't be arsed after Rodders had rubbed me off in the back yard. Enjoying a cuppa splosh, I was tripping off, remembering that time behind the beach hut on Broadstairs sands and the bottle of Woodpecker cider.

I'd been feeling stressed out, The Japs were visiting it being that time of the month, and what with all the bitching surrounding the launch of my latest book, How to get laid on Big Brother for a million big uns (Snood Press, £9.99) had forgotten that Shaz was coming over to blow some killer weed with me. Only when Tyler started barking at the letterbox did I get up and kick him in the bollox.

Cutting some blow into lines soon sorted my head out after chillin' during the morning. next time I might blow Rodders instead..... methinks.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Goodness DR! You must be some sort of mindreader!!!