Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sandy's Thanet Diary

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week top Thanet politician Sandy Beach gives us his insight into the island!!!

Margit effin' rocks! 'Sall abart bleedin' art aynit? That friggin' poster though!!!??? What a flippin' balls-up! Made the place look like a fuckin' tip. Tossers! Arty-farty tossers!!!

Look wot we done for Fannit. Margit's bleedin' marvellous, aynit? Ramsgit's go' a loada boats. Bleedin' kushti. 'Ad a pint in Broadstairs the uvver day. Smashin'. (You said that last week - Ed.)

Farmers? Luv 'em! Bleedin' luv 'em!! Luvvly juicy marters, tasty taters, bloody luv 'em. Sweet as a nut. Kushti. Builda loada green arses, marters, the flippin' lot. Wot's better? China! Fuckin' luvvly. Sweet 'n' sour chicken, special fried rice, banana fritters, smashin'!! 'Ello me old China! Geddit!!?!?!!

That's enough diary - Ed.

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Anonymous said...

Just what we've been waiting for. I hope this report is a regular weekly feature, then, if we all try hard enough, we might be able to pursuade ourselves that Thanet is on the up and that the horrible labour lot are just a load of troublemakers talking tosh. What do we want the nackered old family silver for anyway?

Hooray for Sandy.. Hip Hip!!