Friday, May 23, 2008

Sandy's Thanet Diary

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week top Thanet politician Sandy Beach gives us his insight into the island!!!

Bloody 'ell! Wot a bleedin' mess in Broadstairs the uvver week!!!??? The place looked like a fuckin' tip. Yobs!! We'll bloody 'ave 'em. Extra rozzers, dispersal orders, beach wardens - bish, bash, bosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all the flamin' government's fault. Tossers. Wankers. Fucking tossers!!!! Gordon Brarn? GORDON BRARN!!! Gordon bloody blimey more like it!! In my face, one-eye! In my chuffin' face!!!!

Look wot we done for Fannit. Margit's bleedin' marvellous, aynit? Ramsgit's go' a loada boats. Bleedin' kushti. 'Ad a pint in Broadstairs the uvver day. Smashin'. (You said that last week. And the week before - Ed.)

That's enough diary - Ed.


Anonymous said...

Possible additon to diary entry?

Had a close shave last week, innit? - thought I might get voted off as leader of the council for causing a fracarse at the mayor's ball last year - but luckily my true blue friends were loyal and voted me back - after all no one else with any sense would want the job leading such a shower of f***ing t**ssers, would they?

Anonymous said...

I sneaked a peek at another entry...

Got on m'motahbike tudday and went ripping down Margate seafront with the missus on the back and dat.
It was well bluddy good.
It was a bit rubbish to not see all the uvva motorbikers that was sposed to be commin down though, so I used my cordless phone and rang the office at the council place they send me too each day and they told me it was Monday.
Ah nah!

Anonymous said...

Shame he dosen't get the time to get down to Broadstairs beach and start swearing at his employees sitting around doing nothing, rubbish what rubbish, no wonder there was alot left on the Bank hols. TDC'S probable Solution stop the general public from enjoying a beer on the beach. People were behaved on the beach and there was no bad behaviour due to drinking. Let the public enjoy a drink wine/beer on our beaches rather than another reason to fine the public 80 pounds for disobeying a small sign on the other side of the beaches. Tdc does seem to be very concerned at the moment at looking at every aspect of raising additional revenue.Hopefully a fine for having a glass of wine on the beach/pinic is a freedom we can all enjoy without the nanny state bearing down.

Anonymous said...

Do you not think it rather sad that we the voting residents of Thanet, have such a pathetic view of our Council and it's so called leader, that they are the target for allour bile and disgust.

When will they see sense. Or are they like the government. Heads so deep in the trough that they don't even care!