Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ramsgate The 'Capital Of Thanet' Says Guide

The new Roughing It Guide to England describes Ramsgate as 'the capital of Thanet' and 'a handsome resort'. The guide contains:

If Thanet had a capital, it would be RAMSGATE, a handsome resort, rich in robust Victorian red-brick. Most of the town is set high on a cliff linked to the seafront and harbour by broad, sweeping ramps, with the villas on the seaward side displaying wrought-iron verandas and bricked-in windows – a legacy of the tax on glazed windows. A large-scale regeneration project in the harbour and along the seafront is breathing some new life into the area.

It labels the Maritime Museum as a good point so why the blooding council want to close it, I ask? Also, with this high tourism praise, why also the blooding council:

- Fly lumping great planes over?
- Not dredging of the harbour?
- Allowing Grade II listed buildings being liquidised?
- Letting of the Pavilion and other lovely buildings into crumbs?

Boredstares also allows a fridge magnet in the guide saying: 'BROADSTAIRS is the smallest, quietest and, undoubtedly, the most pleasant of Thanet's resort towns.' Margate is not getting a mentioning ha ha.

Knock here to see Ramsgate in new Roughing It Guide To England
Knock here to see Broadstairs in new Roughing It Guide To England

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Mr Dickens of Broadstairs said...

It looks like it was lashed together from a guide done five years ago . Youth Hostel? gone, Ivy clad Belvedere guest houses gone, Marchesi Bros restaurant must have shut at least two years ago to be replaced by Prezzos (also known as Mums been to Iceland as everything is frozen). Now I can see why the net has blown away printed guides they are far too out of date.