Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tough Stuff

Regular reader Irritating Bloke (don't ask) has emailed to highlight a story in this week's Thanet Times. As if to prove that not everyone is a lily-livered, out-of-work celebrity here on the Ile de Thanet, Ramsgate's very own Sergeant Richy Richardson (I definitely approve of the name!) of the Army Physical Training Corps has just trained the top two winning teams at the Sandhurst Cup, an international military competition held at Westpoint Virginia involving 35 nations.

Sgt Richardson's day job consists of putting trainee officers through their paces at Sandhurst military college. 'The transfer to APTC is more difficult than SAS selection so the boy done well!' writes IB. And the fact that the aforementioned IB used to train him at Dumpton Gym as a teenager might also explain why he's grown up with such, er, grit and determination!

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Anonymous said...

You may be amused to know that Irritating Bloke back in the summer of 69 met his young IB (YIB)commupance at the hands of the APTC Staff PTI to SAS.

The PTI was instructing a parachute course of Dutch, French Canadians, Germans and British troops. IB was on the British team.

The SAS man "SuperMac" had an expensive biro pen apparently given to him by a French comrade in arms to do with Algeria or something.

Each night YIB (Young IB) would be entrusted with the pen. Each morning he had to give it back to the Staff Sgt PTI.

That the SAS man could tend to develop an inability to cope was unexpectedly demonstrated.

There were regular news bulletins about the US moonshot.

After one such the British Officer in charge rushed out to the Staff sgt PTI and gushed "Ay thawt the moon was more than a mile acrawsss"

The nearby Sergeant major (watching the SAS PTI veins in neck pumping) interceded

"Am I to understand that the news has just announced that the space craft is in a one mile orbit"

"quate sew sarnt major" said the officer.

"It means that they are a mile up sah. Not circling around a one mile diameter"

"ooooh ay see thenk yew sarnt major"

So was hatched the wind the SAS superman up further plan.

to whit next morning YIB gave him a shilling NAAFI Bic instead of his valuable biro.

And YIB claimed that was indeed the pen the SAS PTI gave him for safekeeping the night before.

PTI suggested he and YIB forget rank and fight it out.

And YIB went for it anxious then not to lose face in the wind up before the multinational military throng.

The SAS man then gave the Germans particularly a brief and efficient picture of why we won the war. YIB for the purposes of his demonstration he designated as the hun.

YIB expended much energy and inflicted no damage. But went down firing. (NO pun intended)

Eventually YIB accepted Nuremberg and told where the pen was hidden.

I think the winning Army teams (Thanet Times report) may have included another young Thanet man as well as Sgt Richardson.

Also I think a few years back Thanet was disproportionately represented amongst Army representative boxers.


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Now you see why he's called Irritating Bloke!

Anonymous said...

Who IS Irritating Bloke?

Anonymous said...

some bloke who is really irritating

Anonymous said...

If he were to just use punctuation, he could be boring bloke, instead.

Anonymous said...

Every Thanet blogger has suffered from Irritating Bloke Syndrome at some time or another.