Monday, May 26, 2008

Meltdown A Washout?

What a shame for everyone concerned that we've been cursed with the traditional bank holiday blow, accompanied by horizontal rain, for today's first ever Ace Cafe Margate Meltdown bike run. Beach football, arm wrestling and dry cracker eating seem so much more fun in the sun, I always think.

Still, like yesterday, perhaps the weather will clear up and we'll be able to admire those magnificent men and their motorcycling machines after all. It's just the kind of event Margate needs to put it back on the map. Let's just hope the map hasn't turned into papier-mâché by the time they get here!

Click here for Margate Meltdown on Ace Cafe website


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Eastcliff Richard said...

BBC text said they were expecting 30,000 people. I doubt if there were more than 300. A real pity about the weather, but then that's why everyone goes to Spain for their holiday these days I suppose.