Sunday, May 18, 2008

Water Blogged

Fellow Thanet blogger Bertie Biggles writes:

Richard, I have been trying to help Amy Murray out at Manston re (the proposed China) Gateway (30 squillion sq. ft. business park which will sit atop our water supply and could make Camelford look like a tea party should anything go awry). Have just set up a 'protest' site that will deal with all Gateway stuff in due course. As the Isle's premier site can you look at:

and if poss direct people to it to make voices heard? Loved the Balkan flavour to your posts last week! Bertie.

Happy to oblige, Bertie old sport. If anyone else has a story they'd like publicised on 'the Isle's premier site', just email me - the link is in the top right hand corner, under that picture of a ruggedly handsome cove whose, um, name escapes me for the moment. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can always come and sit on my Facebook - you can find the link to that in the same place. Pip pip!

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Anonymous said...

Personally I find the drinking water here horrible and now filter it to remove the chalk.