Friday, May 16, 2008

Pin Back Your Lugholes

Regular reader Mr Dickens of Broadstairs writes:

I am putting in a plug for a really bluegrass psychobilly duo from New Orleans, Truckstop Honeymoon, who are playing the Sarah Thorne Theatre Club in Broadstairs this Saturday night.

Some friends gave me a CD of their stuff and I was dreading what it might be like - it turned out to be excellent and the kind of thing you would normally have to leave the island for, rather than have them land on your doorstep. Tickets are a tenner, doors open at 7.45pm.

Having sampled their ditties on MySpace, where they describe their music as 'like a Dodge with a burnt out clutch... two speeds and no reverse', I utterly concur Mr D!

Click here to go to Truckstop Honeymoon on MySpace
Click here to go to Sarah Thorne Theatre club website


Anonymous said...

did anybody go then?

Anonymous said...

They surely did it was full.
A really great evening out with fantastic musicians.
Hard to imagine what the locals made of songs about Love of pick up trucks, and growing up in red neck towns ..........?
They are playing again the Sandwich next week
coincidentally they had their home destroyed in the New Orleans floods but did not buy it off plan from Terence Painter.

Anonymous said...

They visit regularly and I remember one Folk Week gig when Mike had the baby on his back whilst he did his stuff with the toddler throwing a right temper tantrum on the stage. Their babysitting arrangements had fallen through but the show must go on..

mr dickens of broadstairs said...

The show was very good , and I warming to the games hall feel of the Hilderstone much better than the Theatre Royal where the sight lines are bloody awful and I always seem to be stuck behind a column , I hope the new team make the Sarah Thorne work as a venue .It was as anonymous 11.32 am said completely sold out, but I have to correct him they are not playing in a Sandwich next week but are playing at Sandwich in St Mary's Hall Thanks for mentioning it ECR you are good egg after all.