Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Football Crazy

A rumour has reached the old Eastcliff lugholes that our local footie team, Ramsgate FC, has dropped its youth and kiddies sides after parents failed to come up with the wad it was demanding to fund them. Word is that the Rams wanted five grand and that when the grown-ups said 'bugger off', they did just that.

One anonymous contributor told me: 'There is a bit of Thanet history with kids and football. Margate FC tried the same thing, so the kids decamped to Ramsgate FC. Now they've done it too.' Apparently both Margate and Ramsgate FCs are on their uppers, so there's now talk of an amalgamation to form Fannit United. Oh for the simpler days of yore, when matches were played on the Goodwin Sands and footballers were happy with a kipper as payment!
Yes, those really are kippers they're holding


Anonymous said...

Provided certain shiftless directors of Margate FC are kept locked out, Keith Piper in particular who is an arrogant wotsit to say the least, Fannit Utd not be such a bad idea!

A kipper is about all Margate could afford to pay its three remaining players at the moment andit's going to be an uphill struggle to make up the rest of the team in time for the new season.

It would mean that one of the existing grounds would become redundant - hey presto, more land available for redevelopment. I can detect the whiff of petrol and matches already coming out in the arsonists' playground.

Anonymous said...

slightly off subject but i see Goddens Gap on Margate seafront has a planning application to turn it into a car park!!!!


is this whats called regeneration?

Nethercourt said...

No.... that's called making money off the motorist as a last resort.

Anonymous said...

Margate is the last resort surely?

Anonymous said...

That photo was obviously taken in the days before footballers favoured mullets.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you mean the bad old days.
Can't beat a mullett on a footballer.

Anonymous said...

or a kipper tie