Saturday, April 12, 2008

Strange Lights At Night - Biggles In Flight?

Carousing on the cool Croissette here in the Cannes of Kent last night with my millionaire chums, a strange tale reached the old Eastcliff lugholes. Apparently mysterious lights and UFOs have been spotted recently in the night sky over Birchington.

Lights? Mysterious objects? In the sky? Birchington? You don't think? It can't be. Surely it's not? There again...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see a a very odd collection of objects cross over the Eastcliff sky last night at about 9pm ish? Heading approx NE. Not lights but objects moving at some speed although quite a low altitude.

I thought maybe birds, but there were no wings obviously flapping, the formation was ragged, quite random, and they seemed too fast. Possibly balloons, but again they must have been in quite strong wind as they shot across. Very weird.

Anonymous said...

Thats a tiny teeny plane.
Could that possibly tow a banner??