Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Roll Of Dishonour

RIP (Rest In Pieces) in Thanet:

1997 - Nero's, Ramsgate (fire)
1998 - Pleasurama, Ramsgate (fire)
2003 - Mr G's, Margate (fire)
2004 - Ramsgate Library (fire)
2008 - Marina Restaurant, Ramsgate (majority demolished)
2008 - Tivoli Arcade, Margate (fire)
2008 - Dreamland Scenic Railway, Margate (fire)

Plus many lesser mishaps too numerous to mention.


Ramsgate Tez said...

definitely seems fishy that all these landmarks have gone up in smoke

Anonymous said...

Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

'MR X'

Eric said...

Perhaps the time has come when we should organise some form of resistance to unaccountable/undemocratic local representatives (Caff Crunching Cllr Green excepted). Or should we all stand for election, the ‘Anonymous Slate’, with breadcrumbs, placards & baby-kissing photo opportunities.

Does there not come a time when criticism & scrutiny is not enough & real action becomes essential?

Rick said...


So you think the time was not when a leader of the council was arrested and convicetd for forging dollars and documents ? His alleged associates arrested and found in possession of unlawful sub machine guns ?

Or when unidentified saudis carried out live fire paramilitary traini8ng at a lopcal gun club ?

or when a later councillor and possibly a later Mayor were arrested for paramilitary activity contrary to the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 ?

or when a cllr admitted to running a mail intercept at TDC ?

or when a former lady tory TDC group leader was assaulted on her doorstep by a combat suited ski masked man ?

or when a cllr made threatening phone calls to dissuade evidence telling the witness that if he gave evidence his political ambitions in Thanet would come to nothing.

or when John Allen the late Chair of East Westcliff Residents Assn made thirty complaints against Thanet Police all refused complaint and crime complaint status. Causi8ng John to report to Home Sec and bring about a change of police complaints law.

or when I submitted a casefile to European Court of Human Rights encompassing the concerns of the late John Allen.

or perhaps thirty years ago when it was found that Thanet was a base for IRA fund raising via recruitment of single mother social security payments. and that the fraud system they became entangled in was also providinmg active unit IRA addresses.

If only we had known that to put a bit of indignity into Thanet backbones all it takes is to burn some chippywood at Dreamland I think John and I would have set a bonfire there !!

The fact is Thanet will whinge and Thanet will then do f-ck all.

Anonymous said...

They didn't all belong to Jimmy Godden, did they?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it’s that we "Will whinge and do f-ck all."
As you so charmingly put it.

It's because the stench of self serving scum, pervades our district from the very top, across all sectors of our society.

We have MP's who say a lot and do nothing, apart from feather their own nest and employee their wives at our expense. Neither of them has any b*lls, just check out their voting records, tow the party line or what!

We have a local authority so moribund and brain dead that it couldn't find as wave on the beach. Let alone run a multi million pound enterprise.

We have public sector organisation whose higher managers/leaders seem wedded to the previous two so closely that you couldn’t get cigarette paper between them.

In short it serves the purpose of the people who hold sway in Thanet to keep things the way they are, and things will never change until we get people with morals and honour at our head, because turkeys never vote for Christmas, and the Thanet fat cats can’t point the finger at each other for fear of having it pointed straight back at them.

stuart said...

I know it's not technically a building but JG also had a mysterious fire on the well insured 50 year old Waltzer in Nov 03

Anonymous said...

This makes me so sick! JG is a small minded kentish PRICK!

Fuck Thanet! Fuck the small minded people that live there. Shame they don't just torch the whole fucking thing. How dare they do this to a NATIONAL treasure!
You thought the middle east was corrupt - that's nothing until you've been to Margate!
The best thing to do? Flood the Wantsum, cut the island off again, cut supplys, and let the Despot council run their little world then.

Anonymous said...

Yet you still want to shag them?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, er, keep the language down anon. 9:44am. I know there are lots of new readers coming onto the site, so FYI we generally try and stick to 'f*ck' or perhaps the occasional 'feck' round here.

I realise, however, that there are some pretty strong feelings about what's happened so I'll let it slide on this occasion, otherwise I could end up being accused of sounding like a steaming great tw*t!

Anonymous said...


I'm up in the Midands and have been following Dreamland for quite a few months now . Picked up on it when I was looking to see what had happened to the old Mary Rose and Looping Star (the white one). Sounds like things are in quite a state down there and it does seem that things only point one way as to why all of these 'acts of god' have taken place. I do hope the senic is rebuilt and Dreamland remains on it's current site.

Come on TDC do what the local councils have done up here pump some money in to the town not your pockets and make the area great again. Most of our towns have been reborne over the last five years and still retained all of their atractions and history. You have the two things everyone wants reputation and location now all it needs is your application and the people will come back.

Alternativley you could build houses and all you will get is your city workers who leave early return late and put hardly anything into your locl economy, apart from what they pay for their house, and with the the credit crunch on the way how long will they be around.


I hope your mystery 'act of god' person, thing, is caught and caught qickly because if the police say its arson time and time again someone is starting it and any plans he, she may have had are quashed, but in the mean time

Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ooooooooooooon

Make Margate great again don't turn it into another concrete jungle that only the rich can afford.

London Kentish said...

My father comes from Ramsgate, and his father lived and died there. I went to 'Merry Englands' (as Grandad always called it) many times as a kid. The Scenic Railway wasn't the most exiting ride, but it had soul, and a historical place, much like the park as a whole.

I am distraught to have found out that this 'suspicious' fire has destroyed the last link to a better time, and if what is whizzing round the internet rumour machine is true, it sadly comes a no suprise.

There are some men who will stop at nothing in their blinkered mammon-chasing.