Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spammer In The Works

Lorks! I've just found umpteen emails from you lovely people sitting in my junk mailbox. Quite how they found their way into a folder full of manhood missives and begging letters from Burkina Faso I've no idea. So apologies if you've thought me rather rude in not responding. I'll get through the backlog tomorrow I hope.


Anonymous said...

What a rubbish excuse!
You haven't got yourself a bird have you? Which is it then, Justin Brown or Lucy Mail?

Anonymous said...

Had a similar problem recently - e-mails from an important contact in Wigan had not been arriving so when i investigated I found loads of e-mails (some quite important) sitting there, as you say among all the other garbage. I had never looked in there since i bought my new computer so found over a 1000 e-mails to delete! Now I check every day.

Lucy Mail said...

It wouldn't be me, anymouse, not since I took out the restraining order.
Sounds to me like you could do with one, though!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm afraid I've not been near the fairer sex since that dreadful business with that Frances Oapen woman. Still, all good research for my upcoming Take A Break interview on celibate celebrities!