Monday, April 21, 2008

Channel Bore

Flaming seafronts! Zapping like a good 'un just now, I came across war reporter Rageh Omah on Channel 4 meandering along Margate front with a man called Vince, talking about immigration. Makes a change from ducking the bullets reporting from the front in bombed-out Baghdad, I suppose. Erm, on the other hand...


Anonymous said...

Saw a film crew on the front in Margate at about five o'clock this evening. Didn't think it would be anything good.....but maybe one day.

Ian j said...

Maybe an undercover exposé of dirty deeds and corruption in Thanet?

or perhaps the media are now using Margate seafront on a Saturday night as training for reporters going to Iraq?

A high brow report on the decline of the town that produce the 'dirty bedroom'?

One things for certain, He didn't come here for the shopping or to wonder at the slum condition the locals live in, as rip off landlords charge up to £1000 per week for property rented to failed asylum seekers which we pay via housing benefit.