Monday, April 28, 2008

C By Their A?

Call me a conspiratorial old sausage, but Friday's front page FFFT/W debacle scoop by the Gazunder hasn't made it to the paper's online website. And now that nice young reporter Thom Morris, who got the exclusive, has pulled the plug on his blog. Heaven forbid I should be guilty of adding two plus two and coming up with the proverbial, so if anyone knows what's happening do feel free to drop me a line.

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Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is one thing but it's also vital to get the story legally correct. The gazunder's story was well off the mark and published even before the standard's board made known its summaries on the three councillors. Jumping the gun, methinks.

It's publicly known now that the standards board is taking no further action and there were no breaches of code of conduct. The board was certainly critical of their behaviour but held back from saying there was a breach.

Hart and Clark have every right to complain to the Gazette and probably so does Sandy B as well. It will be interesting to see what kind of apology the paper is going to be making this week! Let's hope they print a few extra copies to go around.The extra couple of dozen should boost their circulation considerably.

Nick, Whitstable

Anonymous said...

Nick, the code was breached by Sandy Ezekiel that night(Fracas) but 'in the circumstances' the Standards Board decided no further action was necessary. In respect of the Holocaust Day business with Cllr Clark months earlier, The Standards Boards finding was the same. The Boards findings in respect of Cllr Hart and Cllr Clark on Fracas night was that neither was guilty of any breach of the Code.

Anonymous said...

here is my pennies worth (not that it buys much these days and that includes paper).

Why did TDC or a political party release this information to the press before the standards board and if so why?

I am raising a complaint to the Standards Board about this and if TDC released this to the press then one can only come to one conclusion?

Anonymous said...

Eyes down and here we go blind 40!!

The final report was released some time ago and the case summary was issued last week.
The SBE are phoning me back with the precise dates.

Anonymous said...

The definitive answer

Final report went to the parties involved on the 4th April.

The case summary for the press and public was issued on the 25th April.

There is a difference according to the SBE in what is released to the press and public from the final report oh dear?

Eastcliff Richard said...

What a flippin' carve-up!

Ken Gregory said...

This whole thing has been a plot by the powers that be to divert the attention of the real news. Us bloggers have been taken up with this story for days. to use common phrase, 'at the end of the day' its going nowhere, all the comments will be wasted, and the' eye kept off the ball'.

Lets get on with improving Thanet. No matter what political party, the residents want results, so lets get on delivering them, not trying to snipe at each other

Ken Gregory said...

I may be a conservative councillor, and I do support the leader of my group (its called loyalty), but I, for one, will now be drawing a line under this and getting on with the important matters. THANET.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing Ken. You sound like a typical Labour Government Minister during and after the 'Buy a Peerage' nonsense trying to distract the public from the real issue. the Scandal! Spin it boys: " The important thing now is that we get on with the problems facing this country ...blah ...blah... blah. Have you heard of misplaced loyalty? Stand by 'the leader right or wrong?'

Anonymous said...

What result is that Ken? Ramsgate 5
Margate 9.


Anonymous said...

Agree it is time The important matters in Thanet were addressed Shops closing down,just look at Margate ok alot of money is being spent, but the empty shops are being replaced by grant sponsored bodies, which do not attract shoppers. If Primark departs the town will become a complete wilderness as it is the only shop not represented at Westwood. Parking charges and Thanet's parking restrictions need a total overall to encorage people to the town, council workers free parking, at least a contribution should be made there rather filling up the carparks, and tdc claiming that the carparks are utilised. Do our concillors take time to wonder around central margate by foot and actually see what is the reality on their doorstep?

Anonymous said...

8.36, I would rather our Tory Cllrs spent their efforts being rude to Labour Cllrs. It would be more productive of their time as whatever they have done by being busy and working hard to regenerate Margate and Thanet seems only to have created prosperity for the big development and prosperity of the developers and big business chains at Westwood, whilst reducing Margate to a shambles. Doing nothing at all might be better use of their time.

Anonymous said...

PS Yes lets get on with THANET. How many of councillors use the new library in Margate on a regular basis AND grasp what a mess has been created? Last week paying my 100's of rates into the machine which continuely spits out the notes, and loads of people watching whilst waiting to claim in the benefits section. One feels very unconfortable paying such money with people watching. Meanwhile in the background lots noise of drilling going on by building contractors. This is a Library and it is a complete joke??

Lucy Mail said...

I couldn't agree more, 8:56.
I spent over an hour queueing to get my housing benefit sorted out yesterday, only to be told that I need to fill out yet another telephone directory sized form.
How many forests will have to be decimated before this matter is resolved?